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How America Did Gaddafi’s Dirty Work

Buried in the filing cabinet of a Libyan intelligence chief, Human Rights Watch found evidence of collusion between Gaddafi's regime and the United States...

A Year Later, Libyan Militias Still Hold Thousands of Africans

The Libyan government should take immediate steps to assume custody of all of the roughly 5,000 detainees still held by Libyan militias. The Defense...

George Zimmerman Had Close Relationship With Police, City Files Show

George Zimmerman gave a scathing review of the Sanford Police Department when he spoke at a public meeting in January 2011, describing what he'd...

Angola Should Stop Abuse of Congolese Migrants

Angolan security forces frequently abuse irregular migrants during expulsions from Angola, including sexual violence and other degrading and inhuman treatment, Human Rights Watch said...

New Sanford Police Chief Aims to Ease Racial Tensions

The interim police chief of Sanford, Florida the city force embroiled in controversy from the Trayvon Martin killing said that he wants to improve race relations...

Civilians Burned to Death in Sudan’s Blue Nile State

The landscape in southern Blue Nile state is pockmarked by bomb craters and dotted with empty villages. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled...

Civilians in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains Continue to Suffer Indiscriminate Govt Bombings

The Sudanese government forces are conducting indiscriminate bombings and abuses against civilians in the Nuba Mountains area of Southern Kordofan, Human Rights Watch said...

Blue Nile Residents Describe Indiscriminate Bombings of Civilians

Civilians are bearing the brunt of abuses in Sudan's simmering border conflict in Blue Nile state, Human Rights Watch said today, based on a...

Family of Florida Boy Murdered by White Neighborhood Watch Captain Seeks...

The family of a 17-year-old African-American boy murdered last month in his gated Florida community by a White vigilante Neighborhood Watch captain wants to...

The Massacre of Tawerghans Continue in Lawless Libya

The Libyan government should urgently increase security for the roughly 12,000 displaced people from Tawergha in western Libya, Human Rights Watch said today. Nearly a...

Black Libyans Barred From Returning to Their Homes by Racist Militias

Authorities in and around Misrata are preventing thousands of people from returning to the villages of Tomina and Kararim and have failed to stop...

Ethiopian Christians Arrested For Praying in Saudi Arabia – Women Cavity...

Thirty five Ethiopian Christians are awaiting deportation from Saudi Arabia for “illicit mingling,” after police arrested them when they raided a private prayer gathering in Jeddah in mid-December, 2011, Human Rights Watch said today. Of those arrested, 29 were women. They were subjected to arbitrary body cavity searches in custody, three of the Ethiopians told Human Rights Watch.

Stop Arbitrary Arrests of Africans HRW Tells Libyan Rebels

The de facto authorities in Tripoli, the National Transitional Council (NTC), should stop the arbitrary arrests and abuse of African migrant workers and black Libyans falsely assumed to be mercenaries, Human Rights Watch said today.

US Continues Mass Deportation of Caribbean Immigrants, Says Rights Group

Human Rights Watch says it has discovered evidence suggesting that the United States federal immigration officials continue to impede Caribbean and other immigrants from accessing lawyers and also extending their time in custody.

Libyan Opposition Arbitrarily Detaining Suspected Gaddafi Loyalists

Human Rights Watch said. One detainee of a volunteer group was apparently tortured to death in custody.

Gbagbo Supporters Tortured, Killed in Abidjan

The hope of a new era following President Ouattara's inauguration will fade fast unless these horrible abuses against pro-Gbagbo groups stop immediately," said Corinne Dufka, senior West Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch.