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Top Ten Countries At Risk Of Water Shortages

AFRICANGLOBE - African countries top list of those with most vulnerable water supplies as recent reports warn of a ‘looming crisis’ in both Asia and Africa from pollution and depletion of natural water resources.

War And Water: Hydropolitics Propel Balkanization In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The Nile Basin is seeing record fragmentation of nation-states by secessionist and other rebel movements, some backed by the United States and its Western allies and others backed by Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Yet other secessionist groups are backed by regional rivals such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda, and Sudan.

New Dam In Ethiopia Won’t Affect Egypt’s Water Supply – Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - The construction of a new dam in Ethiopia will not affect the supply of water flowing to Egypt, said Egyptian Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources on Saturday. Construction on the Megech Dam, located near the Ethiopian city of Gondar, began earlier this month and has been allocated funding of approximately USD $125m, according to privately-owned Ethiopian Walta and its Information and Public Relations Center.