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Advancing Black Liberation Through Economic Justice

AFRICANGLOBE - According to one report, Black households in the US will not reach wealth parity with white households until 2241. While disillusionment between young Black Americans and American institutions is real, a growing movement has erupted to challenge forces of white supremacy and funnel dissent into powerful, disruptive change.

White People Have 13 Dollars For Every Dollar Held By Blacks

AFRICANGLOBE - While the wealth of whites leveled off as the economy began to heal between 2010 and 2013, Blacks and Hispanics experienced continued decline. The result is an expanding racial wealth gap. Now whites have 13 dollars for every dollar held by African Americans, a level of inequality not seen since 1989

Black Incomes Are Up, But Wealth Isn’t

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the 1960s, household-income growth for African-Americans has outpaced that of Whites. Median adjusted household income for Blacks is now 59.2% that of Whites, up slightly from 55.3% in 1967 (though in dollar terms the gap has widened). But those gains haven’t led to any narrowing of the wealth gap between the races.

Can Black-owned Franchises Help Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap?

AFRICANGLOBE - Growing up, all Ronald Smothers ever wanted was to own his own business. In the mid-'70s, armed with a degree from UCLA, he chose a career in franchise restaurants, opening a Burger King in Los Angeles’ Crenshaw neighborhood. He saw that times were changing and believed fast food was one way to fill a growing gap.

African- Americans Get Poorer as Whites Average Six Times More Wealth

AFRICANGLOBE - The ever-widening wealth gap between African Americans and Whites just got wider. According to a new study by the Urban Institute’s Opportunity and Ownership Project, White families averaged six times the wealth of Black households.

Wealth Gap Among Races Widened Since Recession

AFRICANGLOBE - The wealth gap between Black and White households was already dismal. Given the dynamics of the housing recovery and the rebound in the stock market, the wealth gap might still be growing, further dimming the prospects for economic advancement for current and future generations of Americans from minority groups.

Wealth Gap Leads to Health Gap, With Blacks On the Bottom

AFRICANGLOBE - The Washington Post recently reported that “a growing body of research” has revealed that the widening gap between the affluent and the less-so in this country isn’t just about money. There is also a gap in health and life expectancy caused by income levels.

White Americans Have 22 Times More Wealth Than Blacks

White Americans have 22 times more wealth than Blacks — a gap that nearly doubled during the Great Recession. The median household net worth for...