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Bombshell Study: America’s Wealthy Even Richer Than You Thought

AFRICANGLOBE - Just when you think you've got a handle on how bad wealth inequality is in America, researchers find it's even worse than you imagined. The European Central Bank has crunched the numbers and it looks like wealth inequality in the U.S. is even more astounding than previous statistics have shown. Of the 10 rich countries the researchers analyzed, America's wealthy have grabbed the largest portion of the country's wealth.

Why Income Inequality Is Going To Get Catastrophically Worse

In the next decade, something must give. Either Americans must accept that the American dream of widespread mobility is dead or new policies must emerge that will restore broadly shared prosperity.” But the cards have already been dealt — and the verdict is in. Not only will the American dream remain dead, but also income and wealth and risk inequality will escalate by virtue of the government-supported consolidation of banking family and firm power.

How Racism And Social Networks Reproduce Income And Wealth Inequality

AFRICANGLOBE - It turns out that racial inequality persists because the old clichés are true: it does take money to make money, and it really isn’t what you know but who you know. Because racial disparities now run on automatic pilot, these gaps will continue even in the absence of intentional discrimination.

How to Address South Africa’s Unemployment, Land and Wealth Inequality?

AFRICANGLOBE - Structural poverty, exacerbated by falling employment, has dogged South Africa since 1994. Subsequently unemployment has officially increased from around one fifth of the active workforce, to a quarter today. The unofficial "expanded" and probably more realistic level of unemployment is closer to 40%.