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This Is Where Africa’s Multimillionaires Live

AFRICANGLOBE - If the growth continues, these cities could join an existing club of African wealth hubs hosting the so-called ultra-high net worth individuals, typically those with over $30 million of net assets excluding their primary residence. These centers of affluence are spread from Johannesburg in the south, through Lagos in the west and Nairobi in the east, to Cairo in the north.

London: The Playground Of Wealthy Nigerians

AFRICANGLOBE - Wealthy Nigerians are living it up in London, playing polo with royalty, frequenting the capital’s top restaurants and bars, snapping up luxury properties and driving sports cars. This according to a colourful article, titled The Nigerians have arrived, in the December issue of British lifestyle and fashion glossy magazineTatler that describes the lavish lives of rich Nigerian businesspeople and their children.