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George Zimmerman Begging More Money to Support His Lifestyle

AFRICANGLOBE - Former neighborhood vigilante and accused murderer George Zimmerman said on his legal fund website that he plans to step up fundraising efforts...

Judge Denies Gag Order for George Zimmerman’s Attorney Mark O’Mara

The judge in the George Zimmerman case has denied the state's request to issue a gag order for Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara. Zimmerman is charged...

Africans Helping Africans: Group Aims to Invest in Changing Africa

An innovative new organization called Africans in the Diaspora (AiD) has been created to combine the resources of Africans around the globe to change the way...

British Trust Fund Accused of Financing Terrorism in Nigeria

A member of the British House of Lords, David Alton, has accused a London-based charity organisation, Al-Muntada Trust Fund, of financing the operations of...

Prosecutors May Use George Zimmerman’s TV Interview as Evidence

George Zimmerman's TV interview in which he said he had no regrets about killing Trayvon Martin has been entered as possible evidence in his upcoming...

Desperate for Money George Zimmerman Breaks From Lawyers, Posts Own Video

Desperate for money and unsatisfied with his legal defense, George Zimmerman has tried to take matters into his own hands, launching his own website,...

Call for E-Visas to Grow African Tourism

The introduction of electronic visas would serve both to grow tourism volumes and to create new job opportunities in African tourism, South Africa's Tourism...

Mega-Church Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested

AFRICANGLOBE - Megachurch pastor and televangelist Creflo Dollar was arrested early Friday after authorities say he slightly hurt his 15-year-old daughter in a fight at his metro Atlanta home.

Bail Request for George Zimmerman Delayed

Although lawyers representing George Zimmerman plan to file a motion asking for a new bail hearing for the murder suspect, the filing has been...

Grand Jury Cancellation Leaves Trayvon Martin Case in Limbo

It was unclear Tuesday when a decision will be made on whether criminal charges will be filed against George Zimmerman the Self-appointed neighborhood watch...

South African Hotel Voted World’s Trendiest

The Villa Zest Boutique Hotel in the Cape Town suburb of Greenpoint has been voted the trendiest hotel in the world in the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice 2012 Best Hotels Awards. The TripAdvisor website features reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, flights, vacation rentals, vacation packages, travel guides, and more.

New Anti-Abortion Billboard Points Fingers at Black Leaders

In an attempt to capture of the attention of the African-American public on the issue of abortion, yet another controversial billboard targeting Blacks has sprung up — this time in Atlanta.

Fox News Website Calls Obama’s Birthday Party a ‘Hip-Hop BBQ’

On Thursday, a Fox News opinion website called Fox Nation aggregated a "Playbook" column by Politico's Mike Allen about President Barack Obama's 50th birthday party, changing Allen's typically long headline with this: 'Obama's Hip-Hop BBQ Didn't Create Jobs'