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Western Sanctions Are Crippling Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday said that the country’s efforts to achieve Agenda 2030 goals were being hampered by economic sanctions imposed by the West. President Robert Mugabe, noted in his address at the United Nations General Assembly that the 16 years of illegal sanctions are hurting the economy and constraining Zimbabwe’s ability to achieve Agenda 2030 goals.

Manipulation: Bane Of The West

AFRICANGLOBE - African philosophy defines slavery as inhuman and anyone who practises it as unethical and satanic in nature. Kwame Nkrumah argued that imperialists know no law other than their interests and that a good imperialist was a dead one.

The Tragedy After European Colonialism

AFRICANGLOBE - Many people expected great things from Africa when new independent African nations began to emerge from colonial rule in the 1960s, often headed by leaders who had been educated in Europe and America.

Africa Dark Continent or Shining Light?

Once 'hopeless' and now 'rising', Western narratives around Africa may tell us as much about what's going in the West as in Africa itself. The...

Dispelling the Myths of China’s Presence in Africa

The West is worried about Chinese investment in Africa. US secretary of state Hillary Clinton regularly makes veiled references to the danger of Africa's...

China and the West in Africa

Stronger cooperation with Africa could increase China's sphere of influence and bolster its attempts to redefine its relations with the rest of the world....

South Africa Should Head the AU – It Is the Continent’s...

One year on, the revisions are flowing in. It is always difficult to predict how a war will turn out, but Libya was a...

Rebels' Advance Into Tripoli – Opening Pandora's Tinderbox?

Since the start of NATO's military involvement in Libya, the conflict has been riddled with contradictory reports concerning the viability of the rebels as a coherent political and military body