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Western Aid To Africa Masks ‘Looting’ Of Continent

AFRICANGLOBE - Western countries are using aid to Africa as a smokescreen to hide the "sustained looting" of the continent as it loses nearly $60bn a year through tax evasion, climate change mitigation, and the flight of profits earned by foreign multinational companies

Zimbabwe-China Mega Deals Anger Western Countries

AFRICANGLOBE - Western countries that imposed illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwe, are threatened by China’s growing business ties with Zimbabwe and other African countries and are making spirited efforts to scuttle the Asian country’s deals through a media onslaught, The West’s illegal sanctions regime is estimated to have cost Zimbabwe over $42 billion in revenue since 2000 in addition to shrinking the economy by a factor of over 40 percent.

Donations From The West Mask ‘$60bn Looting’ Of Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Western countries are using aid to Africa as a smokescreen to hide the “sustained looting” of the continent as it loses nearly US $60 billion a year through tax evasion, climate change mitigation, and the flight of profits earned by foreign multinational companies

Zimbabwe’s Golden Opportunity

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe is emerging from years of a myriad of challenges mainly caused by illegal sanctions imposed by Western countries as punishment for embarking on the land reform programme. No one would have imagined that after so many years of being persecuted by Western countries and being deliberately segregated against, the country would survive the onslaught and still stand up as a powerful member of Sadc and the African Union.

Capitalism Blow-Back: Western Countries’ Cheap Labour Army

AFRICANGLOBE - Workers in Western countries are now paid so badly that businesses are reportedly finding it profitable to return from China — having relocated to Asia in the first place to exploit cheap labour there. It is an astounding indictment of how capitalism has created a global race to the bottom of misery for workers — yet the Western corporate news media actively conceal this abomination.

How The Homosexual Lobby Is Strangling African Countries

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe has made it clear that Zimbabwe would not recognise gay rights saying gays are worse than dogs and pigs. During a political rally at Mutare Aerodrome in 2013, President Mugabe rightly pointed out that homosexuality is not consonant with the African culture and practices.

Western Countries Continue To Use Weapons Of Mass Destruction Against Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - In 1938, a racist Western theorist, Stuart Charles Mill, had the temerity of telling Jomo Kenyatta that Africans must be proud of European civilisation that dawned the African continent through colonisation and stopped Africa’s tribal wars.

Rwanda and the West

AFRICANGLOBE - In an e-mail, someone asked me a simple question: "Why this bad blood between Rwanda and the West? You must be doing something vicious that the whole of the West should be ganged against you." The answer, though, is not so simple.

President Mugabe: Western Countries Meddling In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe yesterday said that Western countries have no business sending peace keeping forces to Africa when the continent has its own structures for that purpose

Western Countries Call for Accelerated Population Control

AFRICANGLOBE - On the second day of Women Deliver 2013, the largest conference on girls and women of the decade, the backers of population control announced progress and new commitments toward expanding contraceptive access and abortions for women in developing countries.

Business and Security Interests Expose Western Hypocrisy in Kenya

AFRICANGLOBE - During the Kenyan elections Western countries sought to influence the Kenyan vote, Europe and the U.S. had said that they would maintain only "essential contacts" with Kenya if Uhuru Kenyatta was elected, now it seems as if commercial and security interests have changed their minds.

There Is No Stopping China-Africa Investments

China may soon overtake Western Countries in investment-relationship with the African continent. Supporting China's $20 billion pledge to Africa on Thursday, Kenyan Industrialist and businessman...