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The Mediterranean Crisis: Western Media’s Deadly Disinformation

AFRICANGLOBE - The tragic death of hundreds of African refugees last week in the Mediterranean Sea has once again brought to light the deadly hypocrisy of Western leaders and their mainstream Press. Omissions and distortions are disconnecting the catastrophic event from its roots, preventing the real culprits from being publicly exposed. Were the victims Libyan “migrants seeking a better life in Europe”, or rather refugees fleeing a war zone created and fuelled by Western powers?

When Will Peace Be Created For The People Of Congo?

AFRICANGLOBE - It is in the interests of Western governments and multinational companies to sustain the status quo as a united DR Congo would threaten their continued benefits from the illicit gold, diamonds and of course coltan that is use to make mobile phones, video games and air planes?

Hiding Africa’s Looted Funds: Silence of Western Media

Corruption and bribery in Africa and indeed the developing world could be reduced tremendously if the media for once put aside its pick-and-choose journalism and attach the same importance to showing the degree of involvement by Western capitalist institutions in Europe, America and Japan and their role in keeping Africans poor.