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Morocco: The Trojan Horse Within The African Union

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week Morocco secured the support of two-thirds of the African Union’s member states for re-admission to the continental body. Morocco could, however, prove to be a Trojan horse within the belly of the AU, serving to undermine the struggle for self-determination of Western Sahara as well as undermine unity within the continental body itself. It was only the Southern African member states that recognised the dangers and contradictions that Morocco’s inclusion in the AU posed to the continent, voting against it.

Morocco Wants To Rejoin African Union After 32 Years

AFRICANGLOBE - Moroccan King Mohammed VI has announced that his country wants to rejoin the African Union, 32 years after quitting the bloc in protest at its decision to accept Western Sahara as a member. “For a long time our friends have been asking us to return to them, so that Morocco can take up its natural place within its institutional family. The moment has now come,” the clearly delusional monarch said in a message sent to an AU summit.

Africa’s Last Colony: The Forgotten State

AFRICANGLOBE - In the mid 20th century states in Africa began to be granted independence from their colonial powers. Today, all African states are considered sovereign and face the long struggle to reinstate their position in the international hierarchy. All but one.