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Race Soldiers Arrest 12-Year-Old Child, Tries To Stifle Him With Plastic...

AFRICANGLOBE - Shocking. Shameful. Unconscionable. Intolerable. These are just a few of the terms used in reaction to word that a 12-year-old child was recently restrained by Sacramento police officers who then placed a white plastic bag over his head and shoulders.

Race Soldier Shoots 14Yo Boy Through Fence As He Played With...

AFRICANGLOBE - Disturbing body camera footage was released this week showing how normal childhood acts can and will lead to Black children being shot by police. Boys being boys is apparently now a reason for deadly force in the land of the free. Lorenzo Clerkley, 14, was playing with his friends two months ago when Oklahoma City police officer Kyle Holcomb put two bullets in him. Lorenzo was playing with friends in an abandoned house and he was also playing with toy guns with his other friends, but this was no reason for a cop to open fire—especially when the cop knew the boys were playing with toy guns.