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Broward Cops Arrested After Video Shows Them Smashing Teen’s Face Into...

AFRICANGLOBE - Three deputies from the notoriously corrupt and racist Broward County Sheriff’s office have been charged this week after they smashed an innocent teen’s face into the ground, leaving a pool of blood, and lying about it. The entire gruesome incident was captured on video.

Hispanic Cop Who Murdered A Pregnant Pamela Turner Is Back At...

AFRICANGLOBE - Houston-area police Officer Juan Delacruz, who viciously assaulted and murdered Pamela Turner earlier this month, is back on the job but not the streets. Delacruz returned to work at the Baytown Police Department on Monday. He’ll be on administrative duty during the so-called 'investigation' into his shooting murder of 44-year-old Pamela Turner. Delacruz was put on paid leave for three days following the May 13 killing.

Brave Kids Fight Back Against Race Soldiers Who Were Choking Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Shocking cellphone video from a county fair in Pennsylvania captured the moment multiple teenagers attacked police officers in an apparent attempt to stop one of them from choking a teenage girl. Many of those who watched the video are saying that it shows what happens when youths lose trust in police. According to the Norristown Police Department, officers were responding to reports of a fight at the the St. Francis Spring Carnival in Norristown.