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In White America, Committing Crime Is Freedom

AFRICANGLOBE - All of a sudden, crime becomes freedom. Crime is actually freedom. This is the nature of White America. There are only two factors that entice the US Government to legalize a substance like Cannabis (Weed), Heroin or Hemp: (1) A significant number of white Americans must actively use and produce it and (2) The US government must be able to fully tax the production and sale of the substance.

Thug Cops: Protectors Or Predators?

AFRICANGLOBE - There is an embedded terror in the U.S., and it is not the boogie man or ISIS. It’s racism. Racism is often expressed through stereotypes, unsubstantiated judgments, discrimination and violence. Lately, racism has been portrayed by the very individuals sworn to protect the communities in this country, regardless of race, culture or creed.

‘I Have Become Radicalized’: Ta-Nehisi Coates On His ‘Low Expectations’ For...

AFRICANGLOBE - In New York Magazine’s profile of Ta-Nehisi Coates — timed to coincide with the publication of his new book, “Between the World and Me” — the Atlantic writer spoke at length about his sudden, though demonstrably deserved, rise to national prominence as a uncompromising chronicler of the Black experience in America.

White America’s Hateful Obsession With Targeting Black Fathers

AFRICANGLOBE - Every American should be celebrating that LeBron and Stephen are making fatherhood cool. James has talked at length in multiple venues about the joys of being of father and the pain of being fatherless. Stephen Curry has also let the world know how he is a proud father. But in our country, it’s more socially and politically convenient to continue to berate and belittle Black men as a whole for not being there for our children this is ignored

Browning Nation: What’s Really Behind White America’s “Fear” Of Black Men?

AFRICANGLOBE - White fear of Black men is inextricable linked to the “genetic survival” of White people. The thought of rising population rates of Blacks apparently scares some White people who see a world already filled with too many Black people.

Ferguson And Staten Island: America, Separate And Unequal

AFRICANGLOBE - The message to Africans in America was loud and clear, “The American system of justice does not apply to you”. Neither Michael Brown nor Eric Garner was afforded the opportunity to face a jury of their peers for their alleged crimes. “Justice” was dispensed on the street by law enforcement officials.

What Is The Value Of Black Life In America?

AFRICANGLOBE - The portrayal of African-American children as “gator bait” is a trope that lasted for decades after slavery, featured on postcards well into the civil rights era, celebrating the lack of value in a Black life.