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Dylann Roof Is The Typical White American

AFRICANGLOBE - In so many ways, the story of Dylann Roof, the White supremacist mass murderer who killed nine people in an historic South Carolina Black church, is a parallel to the story of America itself. We are a country where terror against Black people and communities, where white racists have long targeted Black churches, where African-American life is so devalued it can be taken with impunity.

Study: Most White Americans Don’t Have Black Friends

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite all the talk about our supposedly post-racial society, friend groups among Americans remain starkly segregated. A recent study conducted by the PRRI showed that 91 percent of the average White American's closest friends and family members are White.

Why I Hope the Boston Bomber is a White American

AFRICANGLOBE - The reason, then, to hope that the bomber ends up being a White American is because the double standard may prevent an overreaction to the heinous attacks in Boston. Indeed, if the bomber ends up being a White American, there’s a decent chance we will