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Young White Boys – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Who are these young white boys that hold such high and decision making positions in the campaigns of Black candidates? They are primarily the friends, relatives, classmates and cohorts of Democratic Party leaders, campaign contributors, lobbyists or leaders of organizations, like labor unions, that support the candidacy of handpicked Black candidates.

Black Girl Punched And Called N*GGER For Refusing to Play With...

AFRICANGLOBE - This is the second time I have been beaten up for being Black – two times. One when I was on holiday and was supposed to be enjoying myself, and the second when six or seven Romanian boys were beating me and my mates when we were going to the chippie. Our food was cold because we couldn’t escape from the boys. On the holiday I was scared to leave my caravan. When I was getting hit by the boys it was . . . it’s speechless to describe when you’re a nine-year-old Black girl always getting beaten for being Black.