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Bankrupt Zimbabwe Just Paid $64 Million In Reparations To White Farmers

AFRICANGLOBE - Compensation payments have been made to white farmers in Zimbabwe who lost their farms in a land reclamation policy under the erstwhile Robert Mugabe – led government. Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube is quoted by the state-owned Herald newspaper as saying 93 farmers had so far benefited to the tune of $64 million.

South Africa: White Farmers Sentenced For Murdering Black Teen

AFRICANGLOBE - A South African court has handed lengthy jail sentences to two white farmers who murdered a Black teenager they suspected of stealing sunflowers in a remote farming community. Pieter Doorewaard, 28, and Philip Schutte, 35, were found guilty of killing 15-year-old Matlhomola Mosweu in April 2017 after claiming they caught him taking a plant from a farm in the area.

New Zimbabwean Govt Wants To Compensate White Farmers

AFRICANGLOBE - The Zimbabwean government has set aside US$53 million towards compensation of former white farmers affected during the Land Reform Programme, Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube has said.

We Don’t Hate White People, But African Land Must Be Returned...

AFRICANGLOBE - Land will be returned to the people, President Jacob Zuma asserted on Thursday, during his reply to the State of the Nation Address debate. Replying to criticism from political parties on land expropriation and the slow pace of land reform, Zuma told MPs that his government had the interests of the people at heart.

Pregnant S. African Woman Is Forced To Ride In Animal Cage...

AFRICANGLOBE - A white farmer who forced a pregnant woman to ride in a cage on the back of his truck has shown "no remorse" for the psychological trauma the woman was subjected to, the ANC Women's League (ANCWL) said on Thursday. The photo of Stenekamp sitting in a cage on the back of Johan Erasmus' bakkie circulated on social media on Thursday, upsetting people who considered the incident racist and degrading to the woman.

Fear Of A Race Riot In S. Africa As White Settlers...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two white South African farmers who forced a Black man into a coffin and threatened to set him alight are facing Christmas in custody amid fears their release would spark a race riot. More than 400 protestors, held back by a line of police, called for 'revenge' outside the magistrates' court as prosecutors warned that the 'very very serious matter' could threaten public order.

White Settlers Who Forced African Man Into Coffin Charged

AFRICANGLOBE - Two white South African men appeared in court on Wednesday on charges of assault and kidnapping after a video showed them forcing a wailing Black man into a coffin. The 20-second video, which was widely circulated on social media, shows Victor Rethabile cowering inside a coffin as one man pushes a lid on his head and the other threatens to put petrol and a snake inside the casket.

White Farmers ‘Get Away With Assault’ On African Workers In South...

Farmworkers regularly complain of atrocities by South Africa's White farmers, yet most don’t report it to the police for fear of dismissal or victimisation, NGOs say. In one case two months ago, a farmworker was allegedly assaulted and locked in the farmer’s house for a week. The worker’s daughter reported that

White Farmers Refuse to Vacate Zimbabwean Land

AFRICANGLOBE - A total of 210 White commercial farmers are under prosecution throughout Zimbabwe for refusing to vacate farms gazetted for redistribution to landless...

Zimbabwe: Govt Scoffs at White Farmers’ Threats

The Zimbabwean government has dismissed as "empty", threats by a group of White former farmers who say they want to seize Zimbabwe's assets in...

Land Reform in South Africa – an Unfulfilled Obligation

The question of land and agricultural reform in South Africa remains largely unresolved as we head towards the end of our second decade of...