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Old White Men, Young Black Boys & The Sexual Legacy Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - In my experience, it’s been one of the most unspoken taboos in both gay and African American communities: White men’s consumption and fascination with Black male bodies.

White Privilege Kills: Pennsylvania Mass Shooter Rockney Newell is a Domestic...

AFRICANGLOBE - Rockney Newell shot and killed three people recently and wounded several others during an attack on a municipal town board meeting in Pennsylvania. A White man runs amok again. When will the White community have a serious conversation about the violence of its members?

Writer Attacked for Asking, “Time to Profile White Men?”

AFRICANGLOBE - Is it unfair to ask why the vast majority of the shooters in Newtown-like mass murders are White men? And what would have been the country’s reaction if the shooter had been Black?