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White Women Going To Prison At Higher Rate Than Ever Before

AFRICANGLOBE - The U.S. imprisonment rate has been declining for almost a decade, yet the number of women in prison at the end of 2015 (about 105,000) is virtually identical to what it was when the de-incarceration trend began. The size of the female inmate population is being maintained by surging imprisonment among women of a particular race: whites.

Des Moines Police Killing Suspect In Custody

AFRICANGLOBE - Authorities apprehended a man Wednesday suspected in the early morning killings of two Des Moines area police officers who were shot to death while sitting in their patrol cars in what authorities described as separate ambush-style attacks. Officers from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and Iowa State Patrol took 46-year-old Scott Michael Greene into custody and were taking him to Des Moines, police said. His arrest came about eight hours after the killings to two officers.

Two Cops Executed By White Thug In Des Moines – Blue...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two Des Moines area police officers were shot to death on Wednesday in ambush-style attacks while they were sitting in their patrol cars, and police are searching for suspects, authorities said.

White Crime: This Teacher Molested Two Boys But Will Only Spend...

AFRICANGLOBE - A former Bottineau teacher will spend less than 50 days in jail for sex crimes involving teenage boys and avoid registering as a sex offender. Marissa Ashley Deslauriers, born in 1991, was sentenced Thursday, Sept. 15, in Bottineau County District Court to two misdemeanor charges of contributing to a deprivation of a minor and two misdemeanors of sexual assault.

This Child Rapist Will Only Spend 30 Days In Jail After...

AFRICANGLOBE - Joseph Presley is being called the next Brock Turner by lots of people on social media, after learning about Presley’s case. Joseph received 30 days in jail for molesting an 8-year-old boy who was in Presley’s care multiple times. The little boy had Presley as a babysitter. Now, outrage is spreading online, after folks learn that Joseph received only 30 days in jail.

Shattering The Illusion Of “Black-On-Black” Crime

AFRICANGLOBE - There is an erroneous perception that Black men are more criminal than non-Blacks. Why is that? Since its inception the American society has proven to be a society of criminals, ran by criminals and a creator of criminals; enslavers, rapist, robbers, killers and murders. When we look at the origins of our society we will recognize that it is founded on criminal activities.

Another White Rapist Gets A Slap On The Wrist And No...

AFRICANGLOBE This sentence was not handed down in a vacuum. It sends a message to every person in this country that sexual assault isn't a serious, punishable offense. This sentence tells young men that as long as they are white, show an inkling of remorse for their crime and behave themselves during trial, they too can rape with impunity, without fear of true repercussion.

Armed White Suspect Shoots 2 Cops, Gets In Standoff, Doesn’t Get...

AFRICANGLOBE - An armed white supremacist got into a shootout with Arkansas police officers on Wednesday, resulting in two of the officers getting shot, and the man being taken into custody alive after a long standoff. Billy Jones, 34, got into a shootout with Arkansas police officers after they responded to a domestic disturbance call at 7:15 a.m., resulting in Hackett Police Chief Darrell Spells and Sebastian County Deputy Bill Cooper getting shot.

White On White Crime: An Unspoken Tragedy

AFRICANGLOBE - If you’ve been paying any attention to the news lately, you should have seen this talk show clip where an award-winning crime author brazenly declares that white on white crime does not exist. The ugly truth is white on white crime does exist. It is a growing pandemic in the white community, and if we don’t call attention to this problem soon, there will be no more white people left. The real MVPs (Most Violent People) are whites. Everyday in cities across the country, people die at the hands of white people. What’s more, they’re killing their own kind.

School Bus Driver Pleads Guilty To Raping Student, Gets No Jail...

AFRICANGLOBE - A school bus driver charged with rape pleaded guilty to the crime in Hamilton County Criminal Court on Thursday. Alexander Rodriquez pleaded guilty to aggravated statutory rape, and was sentenced to serve 4 years in prison, which was suspended.

After Multiple Unpunished Attacks On Blacks, White Supremacist Slaughters Three In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Police nabbed a white supremacist covered in tattoos after cops said the career criminal killed three and wounded another during a gun attack in Washington. Self-described skinhead Brent Luyster, 35, ignited a manhunt after shooting three people to death 20 miles north of Vancouver in Woodland, cops said. He also wounded a woman with a gunshot to the face.

Raleigh Man Fires Gun At Deputy Gets Charged With Assault

AFRICANGLOBE - A Raleigh man fired a handgun during an altercation with a Wake County deputy after the man was seen pointing a shotgun at passing cars, officials said. A deputy was patrolling the area of Old Creedmoor Road and Raytown Road Tuesday when a motorist said a man was standing near the road and pointing a shotgun at drivers, Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said.