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Black Hair, Sharp Scissors And The Totality Of White Power In...

AFRICANGLOBE - The totality of white power, for its reproduction, requires a range of institutions and underlying value systems. Schools are but one part of this. Appreciating this is important. The pencil test may no longer be in the statute books, but is now a ‘swimming cap’ test written into codes of conduct in schools that often act with racist impunity. It took the acts of a few brave young Black women, to remind us of what many of us have always known.

In Ferguson, Black Town, White Power

AFRICANGLOBE - Popilics, wrote the political scientist Harold Lasswell in 1936, is about “who gets what, when, and how.” If you want to understand the racial power disparities we’ve seen in Ferguson, Mo., understand that it’s not only about Black and White. It’s about green.

2 Plead Guilty to Firebombing Black Family’s Home

AFRICANGLOBE - A Missouri man and woman have admitted to firebombing a Black family's home and plastering the driveway with a swastika and the words "White Power." Logan J. Smith, 25, and Victoria A. Cheek-Herrera, 34, both of Independence, pleaded guilty Wednesday in U.S. District Court to one count of conspiring to threaten and intimidate a family from