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Churches With Guns

AFRICANGLOBE - The Charleston church massacre brought the issue of security in Black churches to the forefront. Here’s what some churches are doing to meet the challenge of securing their religious spaces.

Being Spurned By A Girl For A Black Guy Sent Dylann...

AFRICANGLOBE - Roof’s cousin, Scott Roof, told The Intercept that the 21-year-old terrorist was “normal” until “he started listening to that white power music stuff.” Scott added that Dylann “kind of went over the edge when a girl he liked starting dating a Black guy two years back.”

Dylann Roof Is The Typical White American

AFRICANGLOBE - In so many ways, the story of Dylann Roof, the White supremacist mass murderer who killed nine people in an historic South Carolina Black church, is a parallel to the story of America itself. We are a country where terror against Black people and communities, where white racists have long targeted Black churches, where African-American life is so devalued it can be taken with impunity.

Virginia Man Threatens Black Church One Day After Charleston Massacre: ‘I’m...

AFRICANGLOBE - A raving man terrified parishioners at a Virginia Black church Thursday night, banging on a door and threatening to kill people inside just one day after a white supremacist terrorist slaughtered nine people in a Charleston Black church, witnesses and police said.

Urban Uprisings – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - America’s so called Black community leaders can’t draw flies to an outhouse but every time a young Black man gets beaten, chocked, shot or gets his back broken, hand-picked Negro leaders rush to call for peace.

Preparing For Race War: South African White Supremacist Camps Training Thousands...

AFRICANGLOBE - Deep in rural South Africa, a terrifying white supremacist movement is brainwashing teenagers to rise up in defiance of Nelson Mandela's hard-fought dream of a Rainbow Nation. The far-right Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) is training thousands of youths in military-style bootcamps northwest of Johannesburg to fight for a separate white state.

South African Students Vow To Fight White Supremacy

AFRICANGLOBE - The UCT #RhodesMustFall Student Movement is an independent collective of students who have come together with the aim of subverting white supremacy and institutional racism at UCT. The removal of the statue will not be the end of this movement, but rather the beginning of the decolonisation of the university.

Half Of Ferguson’s Young Black Men Are Missing – Must Read

AFRICANGLOBE - More than 40% of Black men in both the 20 to 24 and 35 to 54 age groups in Ferguson are missing. The problem of missing Black men extends to other age groups. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, while there are 1,182 Black women between the ages of 25 and 34 living in Ferguson, there are only 577 Black men in this age group.

Christianity Today Runs Article Praising Eugenicist Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

AFRICANGLOBE - From Sanger’s early days (she established her first “clinic” in NYC in 1916) to her dying days (in 1966), her eugenic views about birth control and human life were despicable. Here are just a few Sanger quotes (from her own writings) that span the entire spectrum of her public activism:

5 Horror Stories From The DOJ’s Ferguson Police Report

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2011, a 14-year-old Black boy was mauled by a police dog handled by a Ferguson officer while he waited for friends in an abandoned house. According to the police account of the incident, the boy was found hiding in a storage unit by the officer and refused to comply. But the boy, who was interviewed by investigators, provided a dramatically different account. He says he was given no warning before the attack, and was instead chased down by the dog, who first bit his ankle and then went for his face, but was parried by his left arm, which took the bite.

No Matter What They Say Or Do, We Die

AFRICANGLOBE - This is institutional racism and classism within America. This can no longer be business as usual, not in these times. As long as it stays the same and doesn’t change, we will continue to die. Certain people in positions of power within this country often speak about the importance of peace and the rule of law. Yet when we peacefully protest, we die by the hands of the law.

Klansman In Congress: House Majority Whip Spoke At White Supremacist Conference

AFRICANGLOBE - On Monday, Republican Representative Steven Scalise, the House majority whip and third most powerful GOP member of Congress, confirmed through an advisor that he spoke at a Louisiana conference called by white nationalist and neo-Nazi leaders in 2002. The exposure comes a week after Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) pleaded guilty to felony tax fraud and days before the new Republican majority takes control of the House.

How Economic Inequality And Racism Are Linked To Police Killings

AFRICANGLOBE - It is not by accident that America has become both the most unequal developed nation in the world, and the nation with the largest prison population. We're number one in police killings, incarceration and inequality—not Russia, not China. Our national self-image so steeped in the idea of freedom has not caught up with these ugly realities.

5 Reasons Why White People Can’t Feel Your Pain

AFRICANGLOBE - Black people's frustation and anger over Garner runs much deeper than the decision not to indict the white cop who killed him; it is a reaction to a white supremacist system that oppresses us and excludes us in every area of American life -- economic, educational, social and political. Even the most empathic white person is just not going to know what that's like.

White Officers Wouldn’t Be Needed If Black People Weren’t Killing Each...

AFRICANGLOBE - Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani faced immediate online backlash yesterday morning after he asked why people protest the killing of unarmed Ferguson, Missouri, teenager Michael Brown but not Black-on-Black crime.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon Declares State Of Emergency In Ferguson

AFRICANGLOBE - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) declared a state of emergency Monday in anticipation of possible unrest following the announcement of findings of two separate criminal investigations into the murder of Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager killed by a Ferguson, Mo. thug cop Darren Wilson.