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White Supremacist Admits To Murdering Black Man Stabbing Him 17 Times

AFRICANGLOBE - White supremacist Aaryn Snyder admitted to killing 22-year old Samuel Hardrix because he was Black, Snyder claiming that he is part of a "white organization." Snyder said the two got into an argument near Shilling and Fourth Street and that after Hardrix called him a name, Snyder grabbed Hardrix' pocket knife and stabbed him to death.

Black History Dies in Neglected Southern Cemeteries

AFRICANGLOBE - The chain-link fence slices through the Hamilton City Cemetery, splitting it into two clearly defined sections. On one side are beautiful, grassy vistas with well-tended plots where rest some of the city's White citizens. On the other are hundreds of abandoned, overgrown graves, some thought to contain the remains of enslaved African-Americans.

No Clarion Calls For Gun Violence Impacting Blacks

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s been at least 20 days since the massacre of 20 school children and six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. That’s enough time for the hysteria to have died down, at least somewhat, and enough time to talk about something OTHER than gun control.

The Real and Racist Origins of the Second Amendment

AFRICANGLOBE - The “well-regulated militia” that the US Constitution's second amendment refers to were slave patrols, land stealers and Indian killers, all quite necessary as the amendment's language states “to the security of a free state” built with stolen labor upon stolen land. Unless and until we acknowledge that history, we cannot have an honest discussion about gun control.

United States: No Country for Young Black Men

AFRICANGLOBE - I’ll never understand how these token Negroes who surrounded themselves with nothing but White friends and decide to ignore the fact that their skin color does play a role in their future. When I say the token Negro I’m talkin about those who surround themselves with only White friends and act as if racism is a thing of the past due to it being 2012.

Writer Attacked for Asking, “Time to Profile White Men?”

AFRICANGLOBE - Is it unfair to ask why the vast majority of the shooters in Newtown-like mass murders are White men? And what would have been the country’s reaction if the shooter had been Black?

Report: Most Youths Charged as Adults are Black

AFRICANGLOBE - Close to 85 percent of teens charged with adult crimes in the Baltimore region are Black, according to a snapshot of recent data from local jails in the city and its surrounding counties.

The Puzzle Of Black Republicans

AFRICANGLOBE - The trope of the Black Republican has retained a man-bites-dog newsworthiness that is long past its shelf life. Clichés about fallen barriers are increasingly meaningless; symbols don’t make for coherent policies. Republicans will not gain significant Black support unless they take policy positions that advance Black interests

Mugabe Seize Farm Belonging to Former White Ruler Ian Smith

AFRICANGLOBE - The manager of a ranch owned by Zimbabwe’s last White ruler says he has been ordered by President Robert Mugabe’s government to...

Black Jobless Rate Still Twice That of Whites

The African American jobless rate is about twice that of whites, a disparity that has barely budged since the government began tracking the data in 1972. In last week’s jobs report, the black unemployment rate was 13.2 percent, while the white rate stood at 6.8 percent.

S. African Police Arrest White Supremacist Plotting to Blow Up ANC...

AFRICANGLOBE - The five-day ANC conference to determine the next leaders of South Africa’s ruling party was targeted by a group of White extremists...

Census: Caucasians Will No Longer Be U.S Majority by 2043

AFRICANGLOBE - The latest census projections suggest that by the year 2043, non-Hispanic White Americans will no longer make up the majority of the...

Black Students Failing Because They are Raised by Single Mothers?

AFRICANGLOBE - A professor at the University of Texas has sparked outrage by claiming Black students are failing academically because they have been raised...

Brandon Jackson Sentenced To 12 Years For Defending Self Against White...

AFRICANGLOBE - At 21 years-old, Brandon Jackson was jumped by 7 or 8 White males. He defended himself, and yet he’s the only one to be charged with a crime. His punishment; 12 years in prison for attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a weapon.

Fiscal Cliff: President Obama John Boehner Meets Face-to-Face

AFRICANGLOBE - Twenty-three days since they last met face-to-face and 23 days before the fiscal cliff becomes a harsh reality, the two men most...

White Farmers Refuse to Vacate Zimbabwean Land

AFRICANGLOBE - A total of 210 White commercial farmers are under prosecution throughout Zimbabwe for refusing to vacate farms gazetted for redistribution to landless...