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Obama Seeking Ideas On Reducing Black Joblessness

AFRICANGLOBE - In a shift in White House tactics on the cusp of an election year, President Barack Obama isn't shying away these days about talking of how many of his policies have been helping African Americans.

Herman Cain: Let’s Pay Attention to the "Pizza Man"

Some call Herman Cain the Pizza Man with a slick carnival con-man banter. Some call Cain a contemporary Uncle Remus masterful in philosophy to suit any White racist’s dream. Others call Cain a misguided dupe of the right-wing-nuts of the Tea Party.

President Obama Reaches a New Low on Black and White Political...

President Obama received some bad news last week: A recent Gallup Poll found that the approval rating for the president has dropped below 40 percent for the first time ever. A full 54 percent of Americans disapprove of the job the president is doing. This revelation puts President Obama into George Bush territory.

Obama Hosts Ramadan Dinner at the White House

President Barack Obama has hosted a traditional Ramadan break-the-fast dinner at the White House, using the occasion to recognize Muslim survivors of the Sept. 11 terror attacks

Glorious Mud and Nairobi’s White Rhino

It was getting quite hot in the car as I drove down the Eland valley. As I looked down towards the stream, something moved. It was definitely a rhino. But hold on, this was not the black rhino common in this area. Closer inspection with a pair of binoculars revealed that it was in fact a white rhino.

Norway Massacre And the Rise of Right-Wing Terrorism

As the world mourns the awful Norway terrorist attack, one question to consider is: does this incident symbolize the rise of Western right-wing extremism?

Strauss-Kahn's Accuser Must Have Her Day In Court.

New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. must do the right thing and allow Dominique Strauss-Kahn's accuser her day in court. The history of...

More Blacks Need Jobs, Mr. President

In 2009, Obama created the White House Office on Urban Policy to address an unprecedented range of poverty, jobs and housing initiatives for disenfranchised black and Latino communities across the country. Obama planned to invest $1 billion over five years for job training programs to help low-income black and Latino Americans find gainful employment. But the ambitious initiatives appeared to have been frozen as a result of the sluggish economic climate.