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White Male Murders Black Teen Because Rap Music Made Him Feel...

AFRICANGLOBE - 27-year-old Michael Paul Adams, not only admitted to killing the teen, but he also explained his violent attack was fueled by a hate for rap music. Adams told police rap music makes him feel "unsafe" because of an incident he had with someone who listened to the music in the past. He also went on to suggest anyone who listens to rap music is a threat to the whole community.

Man ARRESTED After Rampaging And Reaching For Loaded Gun During Traffic...

AFRICANGLOBE - Following a traffic stop in Frederick, a 28-year-old man tried to flee police, eventually striking a parked cruiser and struggling with police as he reached for a gun while refusing to leave his car before finally being arrested on gun and drug charges Monday.

Deranged White Males With Guns Are Trump’s Biggest Problem, Not Ilhan...

AFRICANGLOBE - Clearly, the United States is confronted with a domestic white nationalist terrorism crisis, one inspired by deeds and the rhetoric of the current occupant of the White House, and in deflecting blame to a pair of Muslim congresswomen, Trump and the GOP are only further exacerbating what has become the country’s number one terrorist threat: deranged conspiracy consuming white males with guns.