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Wrongly Convicted Civil Rights-Era Group Wilmington Ten Pardoned

AFRICANGLOBE- Outgoing North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue issued pardons Monday to the Wilmington Ten, a group wrongly convicted 40 years ago in a notorious Civil Rights-era prosecution that led to accusations that the state was holding political prisoners.

Black Jobless Rate Still Twice That of Whites

The African American jobless rate is about twice that of whites, a disparity that has barely budged since the government began tracking the data in 1972. In last week’s jobs report, the black unemployment rate was 13.2 percent, while the white rate stood at 6.8 percent.

What White People Fear the Most

AFRICANGLOBE - Understanding the fears behind the racial politics of both conservative and liberal Whites can help change a society in which wealth and...

Why White Voters Are Still Motivated by Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - Did a majority of White people vote for Mitt Romney because of racism or because they truly thought he was the best...

Why Blacks Are More Likely to Start a Business, But Whites...

Many African-Americans want to run their own businesses. Some surveys show that African-Americans are more interested in running their own businesses than Whites. African-Americans...

I Thought Asians Were the “Ideal Minority’

It was hardly a surprise that Obama received 95% of the Black vote, or that he garnered 71% of Latino support, but 75% of...

Presidential Poll Shows Large Racial Divide

A Pew Research Center presidential poll released this week found a racial chasm possibly of historic proportions among White Americans and other ethnicities in their support...

The Unexpected Impact of Mitt Romney’s Racial Appeals

After signing into law the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, United States President Lyndon B. Johnson famously told an aide, “we just delivered...

Huge Wage Gap Between Blacks and Whites Threatens to Tear South...

Income inequality is threatening to tear apart the fragile democracy that South Africa has been living under for the past 18 years, as the...

Barack Obama Has African American Roots

President Barack Obama, we have been told, had a White American mother and a Black Kenyan father. However, it has recently been discovered that...

The Real “Obama Effect” on African Americans

African Americans have lost, by some measures, two generations of gains since the onset of the “Silent Depression” in the early 2000s. So profound...

Increase in Life Expectancy Rates For African-Americans

While the gap between life expectancy rates for African Americans and Whites still exists, it has narrowed over the last two decades, according to...

Trayvon Killing Reveals White Nationalism on the March

“’Shoot the Blacks’ is a winning political platform.” That’s the message brought home to African Americans by the Trayvon Martin murder and George Zimmerman’s...

Reducing Black Unemployment: No Easy Solutions

After remaining virtually unchanged throughout 2011, the Black unemployment rate fell from 15.8 percent last December to 13.6 percent in January, a drop of...

Whites 'Love Mandela More Than Jesus'

Controversial anti-apartheid activist Dr Allan Boesak has accused white South Africans of loving Nelson Mandela more than Jesus because, according to him, even Jesus took a stronger stance on social justice than the former president.