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Africans Stand Against European Soccer Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - AC Milan staged a walk off during a friendly fixture after it's Ghanaian players and other Black members of the squad became the victims of European Soccer racism. The game at Pro Patria was halted after 26 minutes when Ghanaian midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng kicked the ball at the stand behind him, removed his shirt and left the field with his team-mates after racist chant by European fans.

Best Western Opens First East African Property in Nairobi

AFRICANGLOBE - A 96 room and 6 suite Best Western franchise has opened in Nairobi’s Hurlingham area last week, the first of its kind in Eastern Africa. Located along Arwings Kodhek Road the newly opened hotel adds yet another global brand name to Kenya, where in 2013 a number of other hospitality giants are also due to open new properties

China Unwilling to Help Stop Poaching in Africa

China and Vietnam are reluctant to enact strict laws to stop their citizens from purchasing elephant tusks and rhino horns from Africa. The two...

At What Rate Is Ethiopia Growing? The IMF Vs. Ethiopia

" If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion." -George Bernard Shaw Ethiopia is clearly booming, not only the...

African Americans Vote Early in Battleground State

The U.S. presidential election is approaching, and excitement is building in key states where voters could determine the outcome if the race is close....

UN Approve Preliminary Resolution for Military Intervention in Mali

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution to give West African countries and the African regional bodies 45 days to offer a...

Henri Christophe Of Haiti: King Of The First Black Republic In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Little is known about Henri Christophe's (English: Henry Christopher ) childhood. A great number of commentators report that he was born on Grenada island, a small nation in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles, and was the son of a freeman. His father, also named Christophe, was reportedly transported from West Africa or Central West Africa to Saint Domingue, the former French colony now known as Haiti.

ANC Policy Proposals Dangerous Say Apartheid Era President FW De Klerk

AFRICANGLOBE - Former apartheid era South African President FW De Klerk has labeled some of the ANC's policy proposals as dangerous, De Klerk was speaking at the FW de Klerk foundation conference in Johannesburg yesterday.

More Congolese Refugees Cross Into Rwanda

Congolese nationals have continued to cross into Rwanda, Frederic Ntawukuriryayo, Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness and Refugees Affairs, has confirmed. He...

Is Obama Losing His Brand?

After weeks of blistering attacks on Mitt Romney's record, the Obama campaign is shifting gears. This week the campaign released two ads featuring President Obama speaking...

Egypt: Archaeologists Discover World’s Oldest Pharaonic Boat

French archaeologists have discovered a 5,000-year-old wooden boat used by pharaohs in an expedition in Egypt. The boat is one of the oldest, largest, and...

New Satellite Evidence Show Sudanese Atrocities

An NGO has unveiled new satellite evidence on Friday that would seem to suggest more Sudanese atrocities, the torching of villages in southern Sudan...

Octo-Mom Makes Stripping Debut at Florida Club

When you have 14 mouths to feed, you can find yourself in some unexpected places. Like on a Florida stage at age 37, taking...

The Sky Is The Limit For Mae Jemison, Octavia Butler and...

Astronaut MAE JEMISON flew as Mission Science Specialist on a seven day flight aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1992. She was born in...

The Positive Effects of South Sudan’s Oil Shutdown

The fallout from South Sudan's oil production shutdown, now in its fifth month, is yielding some positive results as Africa's newest country approaches the...

Obama Camp Releases Ad Targeting Black Voters

The Obama campaign has its first ad of the 2012 cycle targeting the Black community, a radio spot designed to increase turnout among a...