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Court Erupts In Cheers As Charges Dropped Against Man Who Protected...

AFRICANGLOBE - Wednesday, a court in Bronx, New York dropped charges against a man who killed an intruder who was trying to sexually assault his wife. The courtroom erupted in cheers when Judge Marc Whiten announced that he will accept a motion to dismiss manslaughter charges against 61-year-old cab driver Mamadou Diallo.

Saudi Embassy Linked to Terrorist Funding in Ethiopia

The wife of a senior Ethiopian politician was on Monday charged with funnelling money from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Islamist terror groups,...

George Zimmerman “Manipulating” System: Hopes to Get Away With Murder

George Zimmerman has filed a motion in Seminole County, Florida requesting a new trial judge—claiming current Judge Kenneth Lester is biased against him. Is Mr....

George Zimmerman Seeks Another Chance at Freedom

The lawyer for George Zimmerman argued on Monday that his client should be granted bond for a second time as he awaits trial on...

Jail Transcripts Show George and Shellie Zimmerman, Talking Finances in Code

Despite telling the court they were indigent, George and Shellie Zimmerman discussed -- in code, according to prosecutors -- money raised online to help...

George Zimmerman’s Wife Arrested on Suspicion of Perjury

George Zimmerman's wife Shelle Zimmerman was arrested on suspicion of perjury Tuesday after allegedly lying to a judge about the couple’s finances during her...

Trove of African-American Artifacts Headed for Sale

Mr. Montague holds a recording of Booker T. WashingtonA Las Vegas man's extensive collection of African-American historical artifacts is headed for either sale or...

Ethiopian Girl Flee Employer's Torture and Abuse in Dubai

Dubai's Public Prosecutor is investigating the case of a housemaid who claims she was beaten up and had her hair shaved by her Arab employers. Ethiopian housemaid Hawa Ali, 17, worked as a maid for an Emirati family in Dubai, but she ran away to escape the alleged torture.

Amnesty International: Possible War Crimes in Sudan's South Kordofan State

In a rare trip to the Nuba Mountains region of Southern Kordofan, researchers from two human rights groups found that an indiscriminate bombing campaign carried out by the Arab government in Sudan since early-June is killing and maiming men, women and children.

Somali Man Tries to Raise Children Without Their Mother

First Aden Ali Mohamed’s 25-year-old wife died just days after giving birth to twins. Then his newborn son succumbed to malnutrition. His baby girl did not survive either, leaving the Somali man to now raise his surviving children alone in a refugee camp.