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Willie Manning: Last Minute Decision

AFRICANGLOBE - The Mississippi Supreme Court has indefinitely delayed Tuesday's scheduled execution of Willie Jerome Manning amid questions involving evidence in the case, intervening hours before he was set to die for allegedly slayings two White college students.

Willie Manning Case: Feds Acknowledge Scientific Errors in Testimony

Unless some judge or justice intervenes, or Governor Phil Bryant exercises his clemency power, Willie Jerome Manning has only hours to live. A Black man convicted by an all white jury of murdering two White university students in Mississippi in 1992 on no physical evidence whatsoever

Willie Manning: Death Row Inmate, Denied Life Saving DNA Test; Execution...

AFRICANGLOBE - In 1992 a jury convicted Willie Manning based largely on the testimony of a cousin and a jailhouse informant. The cousin had accused two other men before Manning, and the informant has since recanted altogether," there was no physical evidence linking Manning to the crime