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Republicans Force Removal Of Colin Kaepernick’s Name From Black History Month...

AFRICANGLOBE - Wisconsin Republican lawmakers, deeming Colin Kaepernick too controversial to honor during Black History Month, blocked a proposed resolution until his name was removed from it on Tuesday.

Wisconsin Protests Rage On After Unarmed Black Teen Executed By Police

AFRICANGLOBE - Activists protested for a third day in Madison, Wisconsin, on Sunday over the fatal shooting of an unarmed Black teenager by a white policeman, the latest in a string of state sponsored killings that have intensified concerns of racial war by U.S. law enforcement.

Wisconsin Ranked Last In Well-Being Of Black Children

AFRICANGLOBE - A new report shows Wisconsin is dead last when it comes to the well-being of African-American children and young adults. The Race for Results report, compiled by the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, shows the state is in the top ten for the well-being of White children and young adults, but 46th out of 46 states when it comes to their Black counterparts.