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Nigerian Troops Free More Women From Muslim Terrorists Boko Haram

AFRICANGLOBE - A sizeable number of the rescued girls were visibly pregnant, even as unofficial reports put the latest number of pregnant girls in one of the camps in Borno as at last Saturday at 214.

Mauritania: An Arab Love Affair With Slavery

AFRICANGLOBE - In this 21st century of ours, there is still a country where African men, women and children are "constitutionally" inferior and can be led to the slaughter, like sheep without the slightest remorse or legal recourse. Shockingly, that country is in Africa.

Afrikaners (Whites) to Blame for Abuse of Women and Children in...

AFRICANGLOBE - White-power group Afri-Forum is considering bringing a complaint of discrimination before the Equality Court against South Africa's Minister of Women, Children, and People with Disabilities, Lulu Xingwana, after she was reported to have remarked on an Australian news programme that young Afrikaners and their Calvinistic faith should be blamed for violence against women and children in South Africa.

Life for Africans in France

Since becoming Interior Minister in 2005, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy regularly looked to the far right to find votes. For Louis-Georges Tin, president of...

South Sudan Reveals Massive Slavery of Southerners by Sudan, Plans to...

A collective report from the Committee for Eradication of Abduction of Women and Children (CEWC) in South Sudan revealed that during the civil war...

America’s War on Black Women and Children

White supremacy is on the offensive, especially against Black women. “Black people are punished for driving, for walking down the street, for having children,...