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The Difficult Math Of Inequality

AFRICANGLOBE - Here is where the math of inequality comes into play. We haven't given minimum wage workers a raise in more than five years, yet inflation has continued. So minimum wage workers' purchasing power has been falling. In 2009, $15,080 a year would place a single mother with a child above the poverty threshold. Today, she and her child would be living in poverty.

South African Mineworkers Set To Go On Strike

The General-Secretary of South Africa’s National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) says members of the group will begin a strike Tuesday to press home their demands for better living conditions. “The strike ignited because the employers failed to respond to the reasonable demands submitted by the National Union of Mineworkers on behalf of its workers

South Africa: The Third Force Responsible for Labour Unrest

South Africa's National Union of Mineworkers has been claiming that workers organising their own strikes are being covertly 'manipulated' and their strikes and protests...

South African Miners Strike Spreads to Chrome Sector

A strike by South African miners for a livable R12,500 monthly wage by Rustenburg platinum mine workers spread to the chrome sector on Monday. Workers...

South Africa: A Possible Way Out of the Marikana Stand-Off?

Lonmin management and the striking Marikana workers agreed Wednesday to sit down and negotiate. Not a moment too soon either, as the strikes have...

Life On a South African Mine, Decades of Squalor

From scrawny dogs wandering shanties to pit toilets, workers at South Africa's tragedy-hit Marikana platinum mine still live in miserable conditions 18 years after...