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Brazil: Who Is The World Cup For?

AFRICANGLOBE - The World Cup used to be a news item solely for the sports pages, times have definitely changed! This year’s World Cup has brought to the surface a whole series of contradictions between public and private interests, between the interests of the rich and those of the working class.

In The World Cup Of Globo TV, Everyone In Brazil Is...

AFRICANGLOBE - In a country that devised a plan to eliminate its black population through inter-mixture, consistently promotes a white Brazil on its television programming, magazine covers,areas of diplomacy, politics and so many other areas, why would we expect its top network to present something different for the World Cup

Five Reasons Not To Write Off Africa In World Cup 2014

AFRICANGLOBE - Five teams carry the hopes of the African continent into World Cup 2014: Algeria, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria. According to the pundits, those hopes will not be enough to get any of them into the knockout phase, but those pundits could well be wrong.

Africa Deserves More World Cup Spots

AFRICANGLOBE - In spite of the continent’s remarkable growth in football, Africa continues to be heavily under-represented at the Fifa World Cup, with just five spots from its 54 member associations, says Ishmael M Dada.