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Ebola Virus Slowing In Liberia

AFRICANGLOBE - The slowdown of Ebola in Liberia has surprised many so-called experts who had warned that the disease was set to continue spreading exponentially.

Bad Advice: Decriminalise Homosexuality And Drugs, WHO Tells Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - East African countries are in a dilemma over how to implement the latest World Health Organisation recommendation calling for the decriminalisation of drug use and homosexuality

Why Do African Women Practice Skin Bleaching And The Golden Niche...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 2011 study into the dangers of skin bleaching found that many of the products used for the purpose contained inorganic mercury, a substance that can cause kidney damage, suppress immunity, induce anxiety and depression, and even permanently destroy the nerves in the limbs and skin.

Health Gap Narrows Between Developed and Poor Countries

AFRICANGLOBE - Significant progress has been made in improving health in the poorest countries, narrowing the gap between nations with the best and worst health status in the past two decades, World Health Organisation (WHO) 2013 statistics indicate.