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16 New Facts About Africa’s Population That You Need To Know

AFRICANGLOBE - The world’s population is currently estimated to be 7.3 billion—with one billion of these added in just the last 12 years. Sixteen per cent, or 1.2 billion of those people live in Africa, while the vast majority of 4.4 billion, or 60% are in Asia. This gap will be steadily and determinedly chipped at this century.

Africa’s Population to Hit Two Billion By 2050

Sub-Saharan Africa's population is expected to hit the two-billion mark in the next four decades, which will result in more than a fifth of the world population being African, Standard Bank research analyst, Simon Freemantle, has said.

Nigeria's Population to Hit 166 Million By Oct

The population of Nigerians is expected to rise to 166 million by October this year, the National Population Commission (NPC) has said. The world population...