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Angola: Facing A New Normal

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the end of its three-decade long civil conflict in 2002, Angola has registered strong growth fuelled by crude oil exports, which allowed high public spending and drove the emergence of the country’s consumer class. Since the oil price decline – and quick rebound – of 2009, the government has consistently cited economic diversification as a top priority.

Africa’s Growth Potential – And Its ‘Next 10’ Biggest Cities

AFRICANGLOBE - Global investors are increasingly taking note of the untapped potential of Africa, particularly its unparalleled demographic edge. According to a new report, Africa will be enjoying faster economic growth than any other region - and will have the world's biggest labour force.

Africa the World’s Fastest Growing Region for Gold Production

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite a 5% fall in South African output, gold production continent-wide rose more than 3%, leaving the rest of the world in...

Experts to Discuss Africa’s Changing Role in the World

Africa's changing role in the world as her economies continue to grow faster than the rest, will be the focus of discussion at the...

East African Economies Now Among the Worlds Fastest Growing

The economies of East African Community member states grew by more than five percent last year making the region one of fastest growing in world. Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Christian Friss Bach said "an average growth of more than five percent is indeed impressive in a world where economic headlines are dominated by words such as crisis, regression, negative growth etc."