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After 23 Years, Wrongful Convictions Of Everton Wagstaffe And Reginald Connor...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two men who’ve spent more than 15 years in prison after being convicted in 1993 of kidnapping saw their guilty verdicts overturned Wednesday when a state appeals court ruled cops withheld evidence that might have cleared them and then lied about it.

Brooklyn Prosecutors Looking Into Nearly 100 Cases Of Suspected Wrongful Convictions...

AFRICANGLOBE - Prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York City are now reviewing at least 90 cases that may be wrongful convictions. Even worse, 57 of those cases involve the same former detective, NYPD Detective Louis Scarcella. In the past 6 months, seven people have been exonerated after being once convicted by the district attorney’s office, and the evidence is pointing towards potential police misconduct.

Scottsboro Boys Pardoned: Other Infamous Black Rights Cases in Need of...

AFRICANGLOBE - In 1931, the nine African-American teens were falsely accused of rape by two White teenage prostitutes and convicted by all-White juries. All but one spent time on death row and all were eventually freed, but only after doing hard time. The damage was done.