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Teen Accepted Into 17 Colleges — And He Was Not Part...

AFRICANGLOBE - Dylan Chidick, a 17-year old teenager from New Jersey who has had several challenges including homelessness, has recently been accepted to 17 colleges. He is determined to be the first in his family to go to college.“The dream I want to achieve, I have to have a lot of determination,” said Dylan, who moved to the US from Trinidad at the age of 7.

College Crooks – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Rick Singer, a Newport Beach, California man, was the sort of Crooked College Godfather that promised movie stars, equity investment officials and other rich people he could get their children into schools they were not qualified to enter for a huge fee. In other words, the rich have one college admission system and the poor have a totally different path to a college education.

Henry Louis Gates Screens New Documentary ‘The African Americans’ At Yale

AFRICANGLOBE - Saturday night, controversial Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. presented his recent PBS documentary series on African American history as part of Yale’s extended celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. day. For more than two hours, Gates discussed the progresses made by the African American community,