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Kanye’s Yeezy Brand To Reach $1.5 Billion In Sales This Year!

AFRICANGLOBE - Kanye West is taking over not only the music charts, but also the world of footwear. His Yeezy sneaker label, a partnership with sportswear giant Adidas, is reportedly worth a billion dollar and is expected to grow to $1.5 billion in sales in 2019, according to Forbes.

Deal With Adidas Could Make Kanye West A Billionaire?

AFRICANGLOBE - Kanye West has been telling us for a while that he wants to be much more than just another rapper. Fashion has always been a major part of Ye's life, and the 39-year-old has always tried to deliver his fashion vision to the people. Whether it was his on again, off again, brand Pastelle, his collaborations with major brands, or his current relationship with Adidas, Ye has shown his ability design pieces that hypebeasts all over the world fawn over.