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Remembering The Chimoio Attack, A Rhodesian Atrocity

AFRICANGLOBE - ON November 23 1977, the Rhodesia racist regime of Ian Douglas Smith attacked the Zanla military headquarters in Mozambique called Chimoio in a big air force operation they codenamed “Dingo”. Zanla themselves revenged that attack some months later by attacking Grand Reef Airbase outside Mutare, bombing the city of Mutare itself and hitting fire forces in the Mutoko area.

Zanu-PF And Zimbabwean Nationalism

AFRICANGLOBE - If there are any political parties in Africa known for nationalism today, certainly ZANU-PF will be counted among them. It is a party founded on nationalism, rooted in the liberation legacy that brought us national independence, and has a contemporary image synonymous with the revolutionary land reform programme, as well as the contested but highly popular indigenisation policy.

Zimbabwe: Minister To Remove Corrupt White Farmers

AFRICANGLOBE - "By end of January, I should be taking action together with the Provincial Lands Committee to quickly bring to sanity the issue of white farmers who have remained on gazetted land through unsanctioned and corrupt linkages," he said.

Zimbabwe Army On High Alert On Zanu-PF Internal Strife?

AFRICANGLOBE - The Zimbabwe National Army is on high alert after recalling soldiers on leave in an effort to thwart any disturbances that may erupt as the ongoing Zanu PF succession battle ahead of the party's crucial December elective congress reaches its climax.

Zimbabwe Gives Remaining White Farmers Ultimatum

AFRICANGLOBE - White farmers in Mashonaland West said they were last week ordered by Zanu PF to vacate African land by May 15 this year or risk unspecified action. The farmers claim that officials issued the ultimatum last Friday at Chinhoyi Training Centre at a meeting attended by at least 50 commercial farmers.

Africa’s Kindness Towards Others A Threat To The Continent’s Sovereignty

Our kindness, our warm nature as Africans has become the biggest threat to our sovereignty. The major lesson that Africa has to learn from these just-ended Zimbabwean elections is that the affectionate warmth to mankind that Africans are endowed with is today proving to be the lethal weapon with which the ruthless West is using to attack the same African nations.

Mugabe’s Election Victory a Mandate for More Black Empowerment

Robert Mugabe has known, since their days in the liberation struggle, that the people’s aspirations have primarily been economic emancipation. At the heart of Zimbabwe’s struggles since the First Chimurenga to date has been our struggle to claim back and control our national economy.

Zimbabwe Election: African Voices Are The Only Ones That Matter

European countries, America and Australia with no observer teams on the ground jumped the gun and declared that Zimbabwe's elections were not free and fair. The West wanted Morgan Tsvangirai to win, but they failed to realise that Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular are no longer colonies.

Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF Claims Overwhelming Election Victory

President Robert Mugabe's party has claimed victory in Zimbabwe's elections by a landslide. It's a landslide, a total annihilation of the MDC. Their project has completely failed. President Mugabe has won. The villagers in the countryside know the result.

Zimbabwe Election: Presidential Race Hots Up

AFRICANGLOBE - Presidential candidates spent the weekend hunting for votes in various parts of the country, with just 9 days to go before Zimbabwe's crucial elections.

Mugabe’s Party Lashes Out at Obama over Condescending Remarks

AFRICANGLOBE - Calls by US President Barack Obama for real reforms in Zimbabwe ahead of elections have angered ZANU PF, with party loyalists accusing the American leader of 'meddling' and 'insulting' Africans.

Council on Foreign Relations Predicts Victory for President Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE - A leading American think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, says President Mugabe and Zanu-PF will win harmonised elections expected by July 31 this year.

Zimbabwean Govt Plans to Seize Foreign Owned Firms

AFRICANGLOBE - The ZANU PF led Empowerment Ministry is planning to legalise the unpaid takeover of foreign owned companies in Zimbabwe, in the latest push in the country's indigenisation campaign.

Zimbabwe Welcome Talks With Britain, But…

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's ruling party, Zanu PF says it welcomes the re-engagement efforts by Britain following the icy relations between Zimbabwe and its former coloniser. In a statement,the party's Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Rugare Gumo, said they welcome the re-engagement efforts currently underway and "consider them to be an important first step in the right direction."

Zimbabwe: New Constitution, Fresh Elections, Parties in Disarray

AFRICANGLOBE - Two key dates loom in Zimbabwe's political calendar in the first half of 2013: a referendum on the tortuously negotiated new constitution and then national elections for the presidency and the parliament.

President Mugabe Accuses British American Tobacco of Sabotage

AFRICANGLOBE - The heat against British American Tobacco (BAT) intensified last week, after President Robert Mugabe threatened the company with unspecified action over allegations...