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What Triggered Islamic Chaos in East Africa?

Economic growth in the East African Community (EAC) partner states could drop considerably if leaders in the region fail to halt the relenting religious...

Zanzibar Islamists Burn Churches, Riot: police

Hundreds of supporters of a treasonous separatist Islamic group set fire to two churches and clashed with police during protests in Zanzibar over the...

East Africa Dares UK On Homosexuality

Tanzania, Zanzibar and other East African states have said they will not accept overtures from United Kingdom to grant legal rights to homosexuals.

Ancient City Wall in Kenya May Become World Heritage Site

The wall's uniqueness is that it was built without mortar and is a rare example of early defensive savanna architecture adopted in East Africa. Several smaller walls can be found inside the outer wall and these are believed to have been build to protect individual homes.