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U.S. Behind Regime Change Bid In Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - With overwhelming evidence pointing to the United States’ ploy to foist regime change in Zimbabwe, it is somewhat condescending for that country’s ambassador Bruce Wharton to deny his country’s unquestionable culpability. In an interview with NewsDay last week, Ambassador Wharton said his country had never followed any regime change policy on Zimbabwe.

Feeling The Heat: U.S. Willing To Change It’s Policy Towards Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Bruce Wharton said his country was willing to adjust its foreign policy with regards to Zimbabwe and re-engage the Government in developing the country.

Economic Warfare: U.S. Freezes Zimbabwe Embassy Account

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday confronted US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton over his country’s recent tightening of its illegal sanctions regime that saw the addition of one company and several Chinese nationals doing business in Zimbabwe to a travel and financial blacklist along with the freezing of the Zimbabwe embassy bank account in Washington.