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Zimbabwe Election: African Voices Are The Only Ones That Matter

European countries, America and Australia with no observer teams on the ground jumped the gun and declared that Zimbabwe's elections were not free and fair. The West wanted Morgan Tsvangirai to win, but they failed to realise that Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular are no longer colonies.

Zimbabwe Election: More Zimbabweans Rally Behind President Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE - The United Movement for Democracy has urged their supporters to vote for President Mugabe in today’s harmonised elections. Our policies and those of Zanu-PF are almost the same it’s just implementation which differs. Mr. Mawere is one of the pioneers of indigenisation and supporting it is in the interest of the people. We are benefiting from loans and empowerment programmes facilitated by Zanu-PF,” he said.

Zimbabwe Election: Presidential Race Hots Up

AFRICANGLOBE - Presidential candidates spent the weekend hunting for votes in various parts of the country, with just 9 days to go before Zimbabwe's crucial elections.

Zimbabwe Election: President Mugabe Will Win in 2013, Here is Why

AFRICANGLOBE - Facts are inconvenient things. More than that, they are stubborn. Sadly, the interpreters of fact – humans – are not nearly as...