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Zimbabwe To Remove Remaining White Farmers From African Land

AFRICANGLOBE - The Zimbabwe government took a major step towards completing the country's land reclamation programme this week by gazetting 23 of the remaining 300 farms owned by white settlers for expropriation.

Russian Investment In Zimbabwe To Surpass $4bn

AFRICANGLOBE - The platinum project is the single largest investment in Zimbabwe since independence. When complete, output will surpass the combined production capacity of the three major platinum mines – Mimosa, Zimplats and Unki. Said Higer: “We’re talking about one of the biggest worldwide platinum projects in partnership between Russia and Zimbabwe.

Chicago Man Sentenced To Prison For Allegedly Lobbying For Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - A Chicago man was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for "illegally lobbying" on behalf of top Zimbabwe government officials in an attempt to lift U.S. economic sanctions against the southern African nation.

Who Is The European Union Trying To Fool?

AFRICANGLOBE - We are not going to be deceived by the EU’s insult to Zimbabwe through the British colonial trick of divide and rule. To start with, there was never any legal basis for the sanctions, which were imposed unilaterally without the blessings of the full UN process. We call these silly old tricks because the bloc is clearly trying to drive a wedge between the President and the security structures.