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George Zimmerman Expected at Hearing to Determine ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense

AFRICANGLOBE - In a little more than a month, George Zimmerman is scheduled to go on trial for the murder of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. The pretrial maneuvering between prosecutors and Zimmerman’s defense team continue, as the defendant is expected to appear in court today.

Zimmerman’s Arrest ‘Solely to Placate the Masses,’ Mother Writes

AFRICANGLOBE - In a scathing letter released on the anniversary of George Zimmerman’s arrest in Trayvon Martin’s shooting death, Zimmerman’s mother writes that her son was

Security Company Sues George Zimmerman for $27,000 in Unpaid Fees

AFRICANGLOBE - A security company has filed suit against accused murderer George Zimmerman, his wife and his attorney, Mark O'Mara, accusing them of failing to pay $27,000 for protection services. Associated Investigative Services filed suit in state circuit court in Orange County on Friday.