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Trayvon Martin’s Mother Testifies at Zimmerman Trial

AFRICANGLOBE - The mother and brother of Trayvon Martin testified Friday that screams for help captured on audio of a 911 call came from the 17-year-old.

5 Key Moments From First Week of the Zimmerman Trial

AFRICANGLOBE - The first week of George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial closed Friday. At the start of the week, prosecutors and defense attorneys outlined their cases for the jury of six women. Then prosecutors began putting on their case.

Zimmerman Trial; Paula Deen; Voting Rights Assault: What “Post-Racial” America

AFRICANGLOBE - The George Zimmerman trial, the overturning of the Voting Rights Act, Paula Dean’s flare up, angry debates over citizenship in immigration reform: This week, we’re seeing any idealist’s hope of a post-racial future disappear the way of the floppy disk.