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Potential Juror Dismissed for Donating to Zimmerman’s Defense Fund

AFRICANGLOBE - A prospective juror in the George Zimmerman case was excused Monday after he admitted donating $20 to Zimmerman's online legal defense fund. The prospective juror, a middle-aged white man whose daughter is a Nevada police officer, said on the witness stand that he felt bad for Zimmerman.

Trial Begins for George Zimmerman, Killer of Trayvon Martin

AFRICANGLOBE - The trial process begins today for Zimmerman, the 29-year-old vigilante who shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, last year. Jury selection has started after the judge in the case denied Zimmerman's latest request for a delay.

Dirty Tricks: Zimmerman’s Attorney Release Damaging Messages From Trayvon Martin’s Phone

AFRICANGLOBE - Attorneys for George Zimmerman on Thursday gave formal notice to prosecutors that they intend to use reputation-damaging pieces of so-called evidence about Trayvon Martin once Zimmerman's second-degree-murder trial begins June 10.

Zimmerman’s Arrest ‘Solely to Placate the Masses,’ Mother Writes

AFRICANGLOBE - In a scathing letter released on the anniversary of George Zimmerman’s arrest in Trayvon Martin’s shooting death, Zimmerman’s mother writes that her son was

Judge: Corey Has Authority to Prosecute Shellie Zimmerman

AFRICANGLOBE - Shellie Zimmerman appeared in court Tuesday afternoon and sat silently as a judge refused to dismiss the perjury charge against her. Zimmerman is the wife of George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who's accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, an unarmed Black 17-year-old, in Sanford one year ago.

Judge Says No Delay In Trayvon Martin Case

AFRICANGLOBE - A judge on Tuesday rebuffed George Zimmerman’s request for a five-month delay of his trial in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, saying it would begin as scheduled on June 10. “We are four months away from a trial date,” Judge Debra S. Nelson of Circuit Court told defense lawyers during a contentious hearing. “I don’t see any of your issues to be insurmountable.”

Dirty Tricks: We Have Trayvon Martin’s School Records – Zimmerman’s Lawyer

AFRICANGLOBE - The legal team for George Zimmerman, the neighbourhood vigilante accused of shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, has received a copy of the 17-year-old's school records. "We are entitled to receive the school records because some information in Trayvon Martin's file could be relevant in the defense of George Zimmerman,"

Prosecutors in Trayvon Martin Shooting Leak Defense List

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda in the Trayvon Martin Shooting case, in which George Zimmerman is being charged with second-degree murder of the teenager,...

Judge Denies Gag Order for George Zimmerman’s Attorney Mark O’Mara

The judge in the George Zimmerman case has denied the state's request to issue a gag order for Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara. Zimmerman is charged...

Zimmerman’s Brother Goes on Twitter Tirade in Trayvon Martin Case

The brother of the Florida man charged in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin took to Twitter to criticize a lawyer involved with...

Dirty Tricks: Zimmerman’s Lawyer Attempting to Get Trayvon’s Social-Media Records

George Zimmerman's  attorneys will ask a judge to allow them to subpoena Trayvon Martin's school and social-media records at a hearing next week. Zimmerman's defense has...

Dirty Tricks: George Zimmerman Wants Trayvon Martin’s School Records

  Former neighborhood vigilante and accused murderer George Zimmerman wants to use Trayvon Martin's school records as part of his defense. Zimmerman's attorney said Friday he...

George Zimmerman’s Lawyer To Speak At Gun Rights Conference

If you were on George Zimmerman's lawyer, wouldn't you want to stay away from people who celebrate gun possession at least until after your...

Names of 6 ‘Secret’ Witnesses in the George Zimmerman Case Released

Prosecutors on Wednesday have released the names of the six secret witnesses in the George Zimmerman second-degree murder case, all of them neighbors who...

Zimmerman: Killing Trayvon Martin was “God’s Plan”

After saying he did not regret any of his actions the night he killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman backtracked and apologized to America Wednesday...

Fox News Host Sean Hannity Offered To Pay George Zimmerman’s Legal...

Yesterday, the Special Prosecutor in the George Zimmerman case released 149 jail house phone calls that Zimmerman made while being held on bail in...