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Hollywood And The Myth Of Black Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - Recently Zoe Saldana came to the defense of fellow actor Michael B. Jordan who has come under scrutiny from the legion of internet trolls who have taken issue with his portrayal of Johnny Storm, Human Torch in the upcoming blockbuster remake of Fantastic Four. The movie is based on the Marvel comic book superheroes that make up the Fantastic Four. In it Johnny Storm is blue eyed with blond hair and, you guessed it, white.

I Am A Black Woman With Kinky Hair, Full Lips And...

AFRICANGLOBE - I am a Black woman. I have kinky hair. I have full lips. I have very dark skin. I do not have a complex about it. And yet, at every turn, I’ve been made to feel like I should. I often feel as though people see me and then form a narrative in their heads of my self-esteem -- a girl who grew up longing to be lighter skinned, who cried every night because she didn't look like Beyonce, a girl who had to scratch and fight to get over feeling ugly because she felt her dark complexion wasn't beautiful. That narrative of pain is not everyone's story, and it certainly isn't mine.

The U.S. And The Afro-Latino Movement

AFRICANGLOBE - The images the media are sending out do not capture the influence of the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean. For example, Colombian actress Sofia Vergara was asked by Hollywood producers to dye her naturally blonde hair black to look more Hispanic. This is a common, stereotypical image we are fed, in this case of the “eses” of Los Angeles.

Afro-Latinos & The Unique Challenges They Face

AFRICANGLOBE - Afro-Latinos in the U.S. and abroad are often approached with skepticism and exoticism; their skin-tone and speech forcing them into a position of "other," and often, they gain discrimination from both the Latino and Black communities. Lodged in the traction of cross-culture and discrimination, the Afro-Latino experience is muted in many countries, despite rich cultural and musical influences. Afro-Latinos finds disparagement from the raza and the Black community.

Race: Something Happened After 1492

AFRICANGLOBE - Race, as we all know, simply does not exist. However, as we also know, many tend to act as if it does and discriminate against others based on what is perceived to be their “race.”