8 Places To Visit In Equatorial Guinea


8. Monte Alen National Park

AFRICANGLOBE – In Equatorial Guinea, a mix of beautiful scenery and rich vegetation promises travelers a variety of enticing attractions. It’s rare that a feel of the African tropics, volcanic landscapes, relaxing coastal escapes, and towns can all be enjoyed in one destination. Tourists generally start in the big cities like Bata and Malabo where they can find contemporary comforts and explore the culture at the markets and try local cuisine before venturing out to the surrounding areas where the wilderness awaits. Getting around may be a bit challenging but enjoyable for the adventurous, whether by bicycle, four-wheel drive vehicle or public transportation.

Monte Alen National Park

One of Central Africa’s secret treasures, Monte Alen is a protected area of tropical rainforests spanning 540 square miles (1,400 square kilometers). The National Park offers a variety of opportunities to enjoy activities like trekking, hiking and wildlife viewing. The forests are home to many species of animals including crocodiles, elephants, chimpanzees, and gorillas. Trained villagers can accompany visitors on a guided day tour to explain the history and significance of the region. The park also features many jungle trails where you may come across various bird species and possibly larger mammals. Getting here is possible from Bata via route taxi, which will stop at Evinayong or taxis will drop you off at EcoFac’s entrance.