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Africa Is The Next Travel Frontier


Africa Is The Next Travel Frontier
Africa has greater potential as a travel destination than any other continent

AFRICANGLOBE – Africa is the next frontier according to Evy Mahlaba who is the regional director for Africa from South African Tourism.

“We can’t underestimate the potential of the African travel market. The World Bank has indicated an expectation of rapid growth in Africa from now till 2030. My aim is to capitalise on that market share and drive development on the continent that sees travel become a currency among Africans,’ she says.

Evy also went on to say, ‘With continental travel patterns that indicate movement all year round, and a local trade with the potential to deliver, Mahlaba’s vision of an intercontinental travel economy isn’t far off. The forecast is that travel within Africa and from outside Africa is a consistently growing Market something which needs to be exploited.

South Africa, for example, has targeted countries such as Nigeria, Angola, DRC and Ghana as countries they would like to patronize their market.

South African Airways is rumoured opening their West African hub here in Ghana which will undoubtedly go far in terms of strengthening relations between South Africa and Ghana as well as encouraging travel between both countries. This is just an example of the growth between Africa to Africa markets.

The growth of the Africa market has already been seen in Africa – it is now for the rest of the other continents to catch on recognizing that Africa truly is the next frontier.


By: Kwame Ntim

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