African Safari Company Launches North American Office

African Safari Company
African Safari

AFRICANGLOBE – A leader in African safari tourism, Shadows of Africa has announced the launch of its North American office in Reno, Nevada. The new location joins the company’s African and European offices.

“The decision to open the office in the United States was based on our desire to make trip planning as convenient and reassuring as possible for our North American clients,” says Natasha Fras, Shadows of Africa CEO.

Fras has selected Jake McCormick, a travel industry expert with decades of leisure and hospitality experience, to head the N.A. office. McCormick, who has personally traveled on the safaris, will aid U.S. and Canadian clients on booking their tours, and answering questions about what to expect. Tour options include, but are not limited to:

Tanzania: Spot the Big Five and other wildlife in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, and other national parks and conservation areas; climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mahale Mountains; island hop around spice destination Zanzibar; journey on cultural tours to Maasai and other tribal villages; and do good with voluntourism options with a local orphanage.

Kenya: Relax in a variety of bush and beach destinations. Participate in game drives through Kenya’s national parks and game reserves; take a city tour through exciting Nairobi and Mombasa; and play golf in some of the planet’s most exotic locations.

Rwanda: Trek volcanic slopes and rainforests to view troops of gorillas and visit tea plantations in the “land of a thousand hills.”

To book your travel, or get more information, please visit, Email:, or call toll-free 1-800-559-9144. For media requests, please contact Misty Witenberg at

About Shadows of Africa: Shadows of Africa is a member of the African Travel & Tourism Association. The locally owned and operated tour company offers safaris, ranging from day trips to multi-week excursions, throughout Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. Guest accommodations include airport and hotel pick up and drop off, private tour guides, private cooks and personalized experiences and requests.