Basics in Loading a Black Powder Gun

Basics in Loading a Black Powder Gun

Black powder guns are used in loading cannons and firearms. The black powder is the best gun load for shooting. This has also been used to load in muzzle and it is very accurate for long range shots. In 1890, they never called this as the black powdered. They only used the name black powder when the white powder was invented. The former name of black powder was the gun powder or powder. The name was change to be able to determine the difference of the two.

The first mechanical firearms, according to history, were invented in 1411. Seven were developed during this time. They are the Wheelock, Matchlock, Miquelet, Snaphaunce, in-line percussion cap lock, percussion cap lock, and Flintlock.

Black powder guns are sometimes called the muzzleloaders. There are many hunters that use these kind guns because there are hunting seasons for muzzleloader guns. There are seven elements that affect the performance of a black powder gun. The ignition system, shotgun configuration, over-powder wad, propellant, shot charge/containment, choke and over-shot wad all work together for guns to work properly.

Always make sure your gun is well set for a great hunting experience, and to avoid accidents. Malfunctions may be serious and can be life threatening sometimes. But there are others that cause drastic pattern changes. So if you are a person who is looking for great hunting experience with black gun powder, set your gun right.

Before you load your black powder gun, make sure that your gun has no oil left from the last time you have cleaned it. Loading a gun is very basic and easy if followed properly.

For brand new guns, remove the heavy lube that are inside the barrel. Ignition should be cleaned well all the time to avoid jamming. The percussion should have no nipple. Make sure to remove any traces of dirt. Clean the pan from all priming powder. Always stand the rifle upright. After that, set the powder charge. Pour the powder charge into the measure. In the riffle barrel, pour the powder in. tap the barrel to have a settle powder. Patch center should be at the end of the barrel. Your round ball should be laid on it. If it has spruce, position it at the center while facing upward.

Use bullet starter and start the bullet. The bullet should be pushed into the bore. The projectile should be ramming down until it comes in contact with the powder charge. It should be should be set firmly but it should not pound. After that seat the bullet. Shooting should be done after it has been seated against the powder charge firmly.

Do you doubt if you have tight fit in your bore? Turn over your load while keeping the rifle unprimed, then make muzzle to tap hard on the wood a few times. After that, check your ramrod. Make sure that it matches your mark. If it does, then you have a good and tight load.

Always follow the manufacturer’s direction for the type of gun that you have. If you have bought a gun that does not have any direction, look for a certified gunsmith for directions.

But it is better for you to choose the gun that has directions or manual. You will be able to follow the right way of loading and you would not have a hard time looking for a certified gunsmith. Learn everything that you have to learn about your gun and have a happy hunting or sporting.

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